Which gun is best in free fire?

Hey friends, welcome to today’s post where we are going to state some of the ordinary but useful answers to some of the basic questions and the volume for the same has been aroused to million. So what is that and what are the perfect solutions of the query? You can find out every details along with some additional information below.

So friends, we are going to begin this post but before that we want to make you stable so that you couldn’t miss any part of this post. In this post we are going to share the detailed answer about Which gun is best in free fire? So, here you got what is the actual pick for today and accordingly we are going to share the experience of our gameplay.

We can bet that everyone of you would must have thought the same question, once ever. Right? So here’s what we can conclude concerning for the same thought that you have went through. Let’s explore.

Which gun is best in free fire?

Which gun is best in free fire

So friends, before choosing any perfect gun, let us state the base upon which we are going to state a perfect gun.

A perfect gun in free fire can’t be a single gun because there are various necessity that requires different actions for using guns in free fire. For example, you will need a different gun to fight with enemy under short range or within long range. But at last we would definitely state a gun that is capable for doing both.

Which is the best gun in free fire for long range?


Upon our experience, the best gun in free fire is AK47 with all it’s equipment’s at Max level such as foregrip, scope, muzzle, stock etc. (Note that we are not including any gun with it’s upgraded chip, for such case, the best gun can be referred to M4A1).

Although AK47 has the maximum possibility of recoil, if you use any skin for the same gun, it would me dismissed and you will get the max efficiency.

AK47 can be used only hitting any enemy who is at a far distance to you but which is the best gun for short range? Have you noticed, don’t worry, below we have stated that too.

Which gun is best in free fire for short range?

Friends, you must be aware about the shotgun and over the more the M1887, Right? The best gun that is capable for taking fights under short range is M1887. You can use this gun with its6highest efficiency if you have any skin for the gun. If you don’t have any skin, don’t worry, the gun will make you satisfied with all sides.

So, the best gun in free fire for short range is M1888.

Now we shall state the exact answer for your exact question that is Which gun is best in free fire?

Which gun is best in free fire?


So friends, the best gun in free fire is G36. We have stated the gun because the efficiency of this gun is far enough than you can think to mix MP5 and M4A1 together.

The G36 is very useful gun as it has two modes, one that is capable of dealing high damage with lower rate of fire. This mode is for long range fight. The second mode of G36 include a high fire rate along with best accuracy that makes it good for short range fights.

So G36 could be the best gun until you find AK47 for long range and M1887 for short range for you.


So, this was our post for today and in this post we have stated the answer to the most important and most searched question about free fire that is Which gun is best in free fire? We hope, you could relate to the answer because it our based on our experience. So keep us joined for more updates, tips and information about free fire and free fire max.

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