How To Get Valentine Themed Bundles In Free Fire Max?

Hello friends, we welcome you to today’s our post. Are you also the one who love to priorities the items that are themed upon love, trust and most probably the valentine? So, here your time has been approached and you are going to experience a lot of items that are based on the theme of valentine. The progress has been started in the form of a new event. Find out below.

So, today’s post is all about a new event that is completely based on the valentine’s theme and you are going to love it if you are true lover of love and valentine. Along with me, there are many players who use to have collection that are based on love and valentine? If yes, then you should read this article till last and if you find the related items interesting, you should move on to obtain the items. Find more details below.

Valentine Themed Bundles In Free Fire Max: MOCO Store

Valentine Themed Bundles In Free Fire Max

Friends, recently a new event has been launched in the game under the luck royale section. This event is the Moco Store and under it, there are few newer bundles than are arranged for players based on the theme – Valentine. If we talk about our opinion, then the related items are superb worthy and you should move forward to obtain it if you could.

And if you are interested in these items then you have to use 800 diamonds to obtain it. For more details, please have a look at the images uploaded through this article. Also follow the steps that are mentioned below about How To Get Valentine Themed Bundles In Free Fire Max?

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How To Get Valentine Themed Bundles In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Valentine Themed Bundles In Free Fire Max

  • Login to the game
  • Now you have to skip all the banners or you need to click on the banner that is stated as the first image of this article
  • Go to the luck royale section
  • From there, find the new moco store and move to the same section
  • Now you shall see an interface with 6 bundles having pink colour as theme that is the sign of love
  • Now you have to select any one bundle among these 6 bundles
  • It’s our advice that if you love male bundles, go with the Sweet Villain Bundle and if you love female bundle then you should go with the Cutthroat Candy Bundle
  • After you have selected any one of the grand prize, select one reward among the 6 from bonus prize
  • It’s our advice to select the item that is missing from your vault
  • Now start making spins and you have to make a maximum of 6 spins spending a total of 800 diamonds in order to obtain all these prizes


So friends, we hope you would have understood the instructions and if you are interested in these Valentine’s themed bundles, you should must take it out as it’s most useful bundle at such price.

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