How To Get V Badge In Free Fire?

How To Get V Badge In Free Fire: Free fire offers you enhanced gameplay that are loved by million of players. There was a simultaneous increase in the craze for free fire after quarter 2020. There was a sudden growth that was varied upon several reasons. The most beneficial aspect of this craze landed through the content creation and viewing. A large number of fans get attached to their inspirational players and specially via YouTube.

How To Get V Badge In Free Fire?

In this post, we shall care about the same thing and we are going to propose an article that is related to the same that is How To Get V Badge In Free Fire? What Is V Badge? How To Obtain V Badge? You can find every details in this article, just keep reading the article till last and that too with careful vision. You shouldn’t miss any details because it could be useful to you if you want to have special V Badge in your profile.

What Is V Badge?

So friends, the first thing to be stated is What Is V Badge? V badge is generally a name that is often pronounced and used by us. It has the letter V used as the emblem hence everyone knows the badge via the name – V Badge. Basically it is a partnership badge for players.

It is a special badge that is provided to only those players who have successfully attained the threshold to comply for obtaining a V Badge via an application. So now you must want to know how to do so? Well we shall state but make sure to share this post with your friends.

How To Get The V Badge In Free Fire?

To get V Badge in free fire or free fire max and to equip onto your profile page, you have to face some challenges. These challenges are generally the threshold produced via the developers and if you seem to meet these requirements with verification, you can also have the V Badge. Find the instructions you need to follow to get a V Badge in Free Fire.

  • First of all you need to create a YouTube channel.
  • On your YouTube Channel, you need to have minimum 1 lakhs subscribers
  • The content you upload should must the content related to free fire, at least 80% under the past 30 days
  • In the past 30 days, your channel should must have 3 lakhs views on unique content related to free fire
  • The content should be rich in quality and you should have the knowledge of social media
  • The content should have clean and favorable language and scripts with non offensive engagement
  • You should have the hard passion for gaming and you need to co-operate for content providing regularly.

So, these are the must followed threshold that should be complied via you in order to apply for V Bade for your free fire I’d. Follow the instructions as it is stated and we can assure if you have completed each steps perfectly, you can have the V Badge for your profile.

Wrapping Up

So friends, here is the article that is upon How To Get V Badge In Free Fire? Hopefully you would have liked today’s post. Keep us joined for unlimited information about free fire and free fire max. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and bookmark our site’s address.

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