How To Get Super VIP Membership In Free Fire Max?

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Hey guys, welcome to a new post in which we are going to guide you with some instr6that may help you in availing diamonds with much cheaper rates than the top-up amount. If we ask you, from where does you purchase diamonds, most of you would say, via top-up, via airdrop and some would say we don’t buy diamonds. But wait, what about if we share some really amazing way so that your money would be valuable and extremely worthy for the number of diamonds?

So let’s find out how is that possible and how could you get diamonds easily in very cheaper way? Also we are going to share the information about How To Get Super VIP Membership In Free Fire Max? This is because the cheaper way to get diamonds in free fire is through availing the Super VIP Membership. So guys, read this post till last and follow every instructions that would be provided throughout this article. Checkout: How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

What Is Super VIP Membership In Free Fire Max?

So friends, as we have mentioned getting diamonds in the game free fire and free fire max so the Super VIP Membership is related to the same. You would be aware of the subscription plans in the free fire which is of various types but for diamonds, there are only 2 plans, one weekly and another monthly.

But do you know that if you buy these both plans simultaneously, a Super VIP Membership would get activated in your account providing a lot of benefits and rewards. Don’t you? So if you use to get membership in free fire, just got the first time try to buy both plans and how to do so, you can find below.

How To Get Super VIP Membership In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Super VIP Membership In Free Fire Max?

  • You have to open the game and go to the membership icon or diamonds icon
  • From there, select the subscription tab
  • From here the top two banners would be the one stating two different plans for getting diamonds
  • Click on the first which is weekly and tap on ₹159 and make payment
  • Now your account will be credited with 100 diamonds initially and for the next 6 days and today you can get 50 diamonds by logging in
  • Now tap on second banner which is monthly membership, tap on ₹799 icon and pay the amount
  • Now your I’d will be credited with 500 diamonds initially and you can login for the next 29 days to get a total of 2100 diamonds
  • If you have bought both membership, you can go to checkin and ther eyou can find additional 15 diamonds as daily claim in till your both the passes are activated
  • This will provide you 15 diamonds daily along with one evolutionary gun token box and some day via diamond royale voucher and weapon royale voucher.
  • And so, you are done and your Super VIP Membership has been activated in the game, in your I’d.

Wrapping Up

So guys, here is another post which is helpful to you in obtaining diamonds in a cheaper way along with some more beneficial profits. We wish you would have read it till last and found it useful. Thus share it with your friends and make sure to keep us joined for more contents similar to this one.

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