How To Get Gun Skin For Free In Free Fire Max?

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Guys, can we start today with a question? Weird, right? Anyways, head to the question and then relate to it. Which is the best item in free fire? The answer should not contain an individual skin or bundle name, just relate to it and we can guarantee that more than 90% of you would have guessed a gun skin. Yes, that’s the perfect answer because it is such a thing in the game that has the ability to be used.

So, everybody loves gun skins and they all have the desire to have them or own it. You may be also one among them. Today’s post is one such post where we are going to share an article where we can accomplish to fulfill your desire, yes, that’s completely true. Don’t you want to know how? Surely all of you would like to have a free gun skin, so we can assume that if you read the post carefully, you could surely get one or more premium gun skins for free because today’s topic is How To Get Gun Skin For Free In Free Fire Max?

Get Gun Skin For Free

Free Gun Skins

Friends, you must be aware of how could this be possible, right? But it’s damn true because the developers had launched an event where users can obtain gun skins for free of cost. This event is named as Free Gun Skins. Basically, it’s an activity and players need to complete certain tasks on daily basis. After completing the tasks, players will obtain tokens post which those tokens can be exchanged for obtaining gun skins for free.

It’s not complicated as you are going, for surety, check the images and now you could follow the instructions below to exactly know the steps about How To Get Gun Skin For Free In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Gun Skin For Free In Free Fire Max?

Free Gun Skins 1


  • Login to the game
  • Now go to the events section
  • You can see a block with Free Gun Skins, click on the same
  • Now you can see a number of tasks that gets updates daily, so we won’t state it because it may be changed by the day ends
  • You have to complete all the tasks that are displayed on the interface and that too daily pot which you need to come at the same page to obtain tokens
  • Play games daily and somehow collect 150 tokens for 3 different premium and free gun skins

Free Gun Skins 2

  • Exchange 50 tokens for each gun skin and if you would have more tokens, just exchange them for some additional rewards
  • You can exchange 50 tokens for a premium Woodpecker skin, 50 tokens for a premium UMP skin and 50 tokens for a premium Scar skin
  • Cheers! Now these 3 gun skins are a permanent part of your account, enjoy.

Wrapping Up

So friends, this is the post that is suitable for everyone looking for premium gun skins. If you are a no top-up player then you should just go for it and claim all gun skins. We hope you found the post useful, so stay connected with us so that you couldn’t miss any information and updates about free fire and free fire max.

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