How to get Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free

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How to get Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free: Hello friends, welcome to today’s post. So, we are going to cover up a rapidly lime lighting news about free fire that is related to elite pass. It’s being a trending topic since last 5 days, hence we will stratify it as per the effective activity. So friends, be with us and read the post with all your interest because there are a lot of helping tip for you. Let’s begin now.

Just a few days were left when the month November was going to be end, and the freefire official handle for Instagram has posted something related to elite pass. The first day, it was mentioned that the elite pass is going to ended soon and there will be no Elite pass from January 2023. Yes, this might be a sad news but in exchange for not presenting elite pass, they have announced something related to it and probably that thing will be called as the Booyah Pass.

So, in this article, we will know everything that is related to the same activity and we will share the steps about How to get Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free? Have a look at the images.

How to get Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free?

Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass

Friends, it’s the first and probably the last time and the moment will be vanished away because elite pass will never been discoverable once again. Sadly we want to confirm it because the developers had committed it and the December Elite Pass is the last Elite pass in free fire in the entire history.
Elite pass was the single item that was found to be the most valuable item among all other assets in free fire. Everything was expensive except elite pass because it used to be purchased under 500 diamonds and for that pass, you were able to claim a lot of prizes. Yes, really a lot of prizes. And that’s the reason, elite pass was the most loved item in free fire.

The ending of Elite pass in free fire is a reason to obtain this month’s elite pass for free. Here’s how?

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How to get Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free

Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free

Step 1: First of all, login to the game

Step 2: Now you need to go to the event section

Step 3: From there, you can see a separate and alone page for last Elite Pass or December Elite Pass

Step 4: Go under that section

Step 5: Now there you will see a successful enabled yellow icon to claim the Elite Pass

Step 6: Claim it from there

Step 7: You should must note down that you are able only until 31st Of December to do so and the starting date is from 1st of December.

Step 8: Now you can successfully claim the December Elite Pass card and after you claim it, there would be a popup for successful activation of December Elite Pass

Step 9: Now you can go to Elite Pass icon and start climbing prizes post completion of missions

Wrapping Up

This was an article that was fully based in How to get Free Fire MAX December Elite Pass for free? All the details that is found to be suitable, is clearly mentioned in the article. We hope this article would be useful to you and you love reading our posts. So we request you to stay connected with us so that you couldn’t miss any of our trending and informative posts about free fire and free fire max.

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