How to get free diamonds from free fire advance server

Players of Free Fire are already enjoying the advance server of OB37 patch. This was available since last week and currently, the required interested players have already applied for the activation code for the OB37 advance server. This will result in the rejection of new applicants who will try to get an activation code. So here we want to clarify that you could not able to get the activation code for the latest advanced server anymore and so, let us have some details about the same.

Those who don’t know anything about advanced servers, need to read this post carefully as we want to explain every detail clearly. Checkout: Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?

What is advance server in free fire?

Free fire is a game that provides a vast experience to it’s user. Those who love free fire, can’t ignore it till they have any personal concern about the game. So to maintain such type of response, the developers of free fire wants to be attached with the players with 0 hate and negativity. To do so, they often introduces new items in the game, free prizes and activities. All these are too much appreciated by a player and so it attracts everybody to play the game.

To maintain such type of appreciation, developers has many plans for the game. One such plan is to provide a patch update. So, here the developers gets advantages to win the response of players by adding a huge assets maintaining the game environment and introducing new items and settings. All these factors lead a player to be attached and not leave the game.

advance server in free fire

Such activities are known as strategy to avoid customer lost. In same condition, free fire is one step further as before providing any update, a recreation of the same version of the update is placed over web and a few users get access to play over the version. And this version is popularly known as the advance server.

This server allows players to access the full version of the next patch that is still not launched. There are numberless benefits of joining the advance server program that we will state below. We hope advance server is clear to you.

What are the advantages of advanced server?

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There are unlimited advantages of advance server that are listed below via bulletins.

  • It allows user to access the full version of game that will release later
  • It allows user to try every new items that is still not available on current version of free fire
  • It allows users to hunt bugs and win diamonds

Among these features, peoples have concern over How to get free diamonds from free fire advance server? So we will state how can you do so.

How to get free diamonds from free fire advance server

Free fire advance server have two methods for providing diamonds. In these two methods, one method is quite simple while second method is not an easy job, yet you can try.

1. Free fire offers a huge quantity of diamonds in the advance server apk. This can be obtained after completing various tasks in game and playing the game daily. After you do the same, you will be able to collect diamonds in thousands but there is one condition. You can not have those diamonds in your original I’d and so far in the free fire application.

These diamonds are available only under the advance server and you can use it to purchase various items and assets.

2. In the second method, the diamonds won, will be directly transferred to your own free fire account that you used to sign in on the login page of advance server.

To get diamonds via this method, just you need to hunt bugs and report it to the team, after successful verification, you will be awarded thousand diamonds.

So here are the two methods about How to get free diamonds from free fire advance server.


So friends, we hope you did enjoyed the post. We have stated everything about How to get free diamonds from free fire advance server? Be with us and kindly stay tuned with us for more information and updates about free fire and free fire max.

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