How to get Free Booyah Day themed rewards in Free Fire Max

Booyah Day themed rewards: Finally a long awaited grand celebration under free fire has begun. Yes, the grand feast in free fire that takes place annually had been started and soon it will have its peak day. You might have guessed about which feast we are talking about. The grand feast is none other than Booyah day in Free Fire. Booyah day is no less than the Christmas feast for free fire players, all of us eagerly wait for the event since a long time.

Booyah Day celebrations started recently in Free Fire MAX

Booyah Day celebrations started recently in Free Fire MAX (Image via Techmodel)

Similarly the time had been appeared when, the Booyah day will be celebrated. As you know that celebration of any events gets begin a long before it’s peak day.

The celebration of the Booyah day has been started and currently there are a lot of things that can be seen under the game based on the Booyah day theme. One among them has just been arrived and in this post we are going to state the same. Just read this post till last without missing a single line to get onto it easily. Let’s move further.

How to get Booyah Day themed rewards in free fire max

As we mentioned that the celebration of the Booyah day has begun and there are a lot of things to see under the game that are based on the same event. So, we are going to highlight it stating the rules and ways to achieve prizes. Below are the list of prizes and the tasks you need to complete to obtain them easily.

1. Freedom sprinter bundle and monster truck skin

This prize can be obtained after completing daily missions under the special interface of Booyah day. When you are able to collect 60 stars, you can successfully obtain both the items.

2. Grenade skin

This is a premium grenade skin for free that you can obtain only if your 5 friends falls under SSS badge collection. It’s easy and you can obtain it via going through the interface > leaderboard > friends.

3. Lobby music CD

For this item, you need to login daily to the game in a sequence for 5 days (3-7 November).

4. Branded car skin

Car skins are the most demanded item in free fire and on the occasion of Booyah day, every player can win a brand new car skin just for travelling 10,000 metres in the game (BR or CS).

5. Selfie stick

It’s an unique and awesome prize, you just need to do as much Booyah as you can. The more you will Booyah the match, the more points will be credited to your history. Once you lead the board, you can be able to claim the selfie stick.

6. Bat and a Pan skin

These two items are so trendy because this time the developers had provided it an awesome look along with kill feed notification. Hence you can not miss it. You just need to  eliminate 30 enemies in CS rank to win pan skin for free and 30 enemies in BR rank to win bat skin for free. This is a damn easy task, must complete and win rewards.

Rest there are more items but they are not released in the game. Please subscribe to our notification as we will post article having all those items too. You shouldn’t miss them as the items are quite interesting this time.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully you did liked the post, please stay tuned for more information about Free Fire and events. Keep us joined, just share it and be active.

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