How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

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Free Fire is a game that allows its users to collect as much stuff and use them according to what they want. But the only thing is the asset to acquire those kinds of stuff. Diamonds are the only valuable items that have the ability to purchase anything from the store of free fire and free fire max but it’s damn expensive. But you need not need to worry because you are with us and we use to provide our users the best of rest.

So today we are going to state a method that is though popular but there are few newbies in the community who are not aware of the proper steps to get diamonds. Today’s topic is How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max? So read this article till last and we shall share the way to get 800 diamonds in the Free Fire which is the cheapest way to get this many diamonds other than airdrops. So let’s begin without any delay. Checkout: Free Fire OB39 update APK download link for Android devices

How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

Friends, there is only one section in the game that is set to provide you 800 diamonds in total and that too once in a lifetime. It is the level-up pass. This level pass is the pass that allows you to collect diamonds according to the level of your I’d. The maximum level of attaining all the diamonds is level 30 and if you are at level 30, you are eligible for this offer. Just follow the steps below to do so.

How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

  • Log in to the game
  • Now go to the diamond centre by clicking on the diamond icon
  • Here you can see a tab for level up pass, just click on it
  • The diamonds banner would appear that would be set at various levels and as per your level, it would be unlocked
  • Although it would be unlocked, but the claim icon would still be disabled and you need to pay the dedicated amount in order to make it highlighted
  • Now tap on ₹190 icons and proceed to pay the amount to activate the level-up pass
  • As soon as you pay the amount and come back, all the slots would be highlighted with the yellow colour of claim icon and now you can start collecting the diamonds
  • And here are your 800 diamonds for just ₹190
  • Start collecting the diamonds and verify if you get a total of 800 diamonds
  • Make a note that this level-up pass can only be bought once in the entire life period of your I’d


So friends, here is a post that is about obtaining diamonds in the game free fire as well as free fire max. Most probably we have defined the details about How To Get 800 Diamonds In Free Fire Max? We wish you would have loved the information and instructions. Make sure to keep us joined for regular updates and information about free fire and free fire max.

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