How to play free fire advance server OB37 update on Android devices

Finally, we are very close to the new patch of free that is Free Fire advance server OB37 update. The 37th patch update in free fire is about to launch very soon. So what are the updates and leaks or what are the highlighting feature of all new patch of free fire? Maybe these questions would be arising to you, hence, we have covered up an article that is answering all these questions. CLICK HERE TO VISIT.

free fire advance server OB37 update

So the new update is coming soon and the date that has been assigned for the patch update of free fire is 16th of November. So this is the date as according to the rules and regulations, you must be aware that every patch update has a preliminary version that is popularly known as the advance server in free fire, is set to test.

This test period occurs before two – three weeks ahead of it’s launch. Popular as advance server, this version does not have access to be awarded to each and every player. The first few players can access this version, and the more early you visit the website and complete your registration, the more chances will be there to have activation code. Now you must be thinking what is activation code and how do this work in advance server? Here is all about it and specially about How to play free fire advance server OB37 update on Android devices?

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How to play free fire advance server OB37 update on Android devices?


Advance server needs no instructions as you all must be aware of it. So how to download it and how to play? Every pin to pin instructions are detailed overviewed, just have a look and almost a perfect look at the article below.

Playing Free fire advanced server needs further exploration:

  1. Registration
  2. Downloading
  3. Activation

1. Registration:

This method is quite simple because you just need to just have register for the advance server. Just you need to go to it’s official website and login from your account that is used for playing free fire. Just login and you will reach the interface.

2. Downloading:

Here you will get an option to download the apk file, just don’t hesitate and download as it is the official website from free fire developers. Tap on download apk and click on download anyway.

3. Activation:

Even after downloading, when you will open the new application of free fire, you can’t open it completely because it will demand a code from you. This code is known as activation code and to get it, just from the main interface, when you will go for downloading the apk file, you will be provided with a code, just shown below and that will be your activation code.

Now here you go, just you have been accessed for playing free fire advance server, ho for it and enjoy it.


So here was the full detailed article about How to play free fire advance server OB37 update on Android devices. We hope you would have been understood the entire article. Please share this post with your friends and stay tuned for upcoming information and updates about Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

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