How do I top-up my weekly membership in free fire?

Membership and subscriptions in free fire are at the peak rate now a days. Do you know why? It’s because of the most aggressive and demanded items in the game. You can relate to it because currently there is a rapid rush of players under the application of free fire. This almost led to the blockage of server but currently everything is stable to the point.

The second consequence of the event – Hall Of Elites had led the players in collecting diamonds and then making spins to obtain the oldest free fire elite pass bundles. In order to collect diamonds, the most affordable option is to buy a membership and that’s the reason why these days, the membership is set to fire under the free fire community.

Many of you must be a newbie to the membership while many of you must be thinking about saving money post purchasing of the membership. In this post, we shall state a lot of circumstances that is related to membership in free fire and most probably, the weekly membership here. After reading the post, you can easily know the ways that is waiting to pay you a profit, just find out below.

What is weekly membership in free fire?

What is weekly membership in free fire?

Friends, a membership state a temporary service that is treated to any particular but with some specialty. Hence, in the case of free fire, a membership is a kind of temporary service where you can earn diamonds and rewards for a particular period of time.

This post is all about the weekly membership, so we would like to state a few details about it. The weekly membership allows you to collect 100 diamonds plus 50 diamonds for the first day post which you can collect 50 diamonds for 6 days by daily login. This is a set of complete one week where you can earn 450 diamonds for just ₹159 that is the cheapest mode for regular purchase of diamonds.

Now we would like to state How to purchase the weekly membership in free fire?

How do I top-up my weekly membership?

  • First of all login to the game
  • Now go to membership icon
  • From there, go to membership section
  • You can see a banner of weekly membership
  • Below you would see it’s price i.e. ₹159 and a checkbox that is ticked, proceed to untick that checkbox
  • Now tap on ₹159 icon and proceed to pay ₹159 on payment interface vide your payment method
  • Now come back and make sure a 100 diamonds should be added on to your existing quantity of diamonds before purchasing of weekly membership
  • Now go to check-in to claim 50 diamonds today
  • Make sure to login in a queue for next 6 days to obtain 300 diamonds more

So friends, this was the full and easy process to access the weekly membership in free fire. Now let us make your profit. Now head to the play store and tap on your account logo and click on play points. This play point would be increased if you make payment through Google Play and this is redeemable. You can get a ₹50 bonus on every 1000 play points. So start making purchases today and get money back to back.

How do I top-up my weekly membership


So friends, here was today’s post in which we have mentioned clearly about How do I top-up my weekly membership? We wish everything is cleared up. Make sure to bookmark our site and never miss any information and updates about free fire and free fire max.

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