Get Free Custom Room Card in Free Fire (100% Working)

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Free fire max, being the most popular online multiplayer battle royale game provides a subsequent rich experience in terms of gaming and algorithm. Players are fond of it and most proudly we can state that there are millions of active players on daily basis for the game. Accordingly, you can imagine the popularity of the game and its response. It is only possible due to rich features present in the game and one among them is going to be today’s prime topic for the post.

Free Custom Room Card
Free Custom Room Card

In this post, we are going to pick up Custom Room Card and explain to you to keep the title in the middle which is Get Free Custom Room Card in Free Fire (100% Working). Make sure to be till the last of this post and read it carefully so that you could get every detail regarding Custom Room Card In Free Fire. Checkout: Free Fire OB39 update APK download link for Android devices

What Is Custom Room Card?

Friends, the first priority is to make you understand the basic details of every topic we present to you. Custom Room Card in free fire is a card that allows the user to create a separate battle room where he can customize any setting and add players whom he wants. It is the most important item in the game free fire max that is utilized on a large scale daily.

Using a custom room card, you can enter a different mode where you can customize each tiny setting of the game along with the placement of maps and modes. Moreover, you can choose the number of players and even rounds. Approximately everything is possible to be customized in the custom room cards. It is claimed to be the best thing to provide your prominence in opposing the player you want. Check out: How to Fix Matchmaking Issue in Free Fire 2023

Get Free Custom Room Card in Free Fire (100% Working)

There are various methods for getting custom room cards in free fire out of which first two are free and last two are paid among the methods stated below.

1. Game Events

You would be aware of events in the game that takes place after a short gap of time. Some of these events provide you the opportunity to claim custom room cards for free by just completing a few simpler tasks.

These events occurred occasionally so it’s the only drawback of this method. But you can be a permanent reader of our posts so that such events would be upto your eyes and can’t be missed.

2. Guild Progress

If you are in a guild, then it’s the second free method of getting the custom room card in free fire max. The only thing you have to do is to complete the tournament score and reach a threshold of 1800 points every Friday. This work can be done by all the guild members so be sure the guild is having active members and each Friday can be a chance of getting a free custom room card.

3. Membership

This is paid method where you can subscribe to a weekly card costing ₹195 per week where you shall be provided with 5 custom room cards. After a week is over, you can subscribe again to get 4 custom room cards and in a month you can collect a minimum of 20 custom room cards.

4. Using Diamonds

This is the evergreen method where you can buy the custom room card for 100 diamonds. Each card will cost 100 diamonds and you can buy as many as you want. Just head to the store and buy it using 100 diamonds for each.

Can You Get Unlimited Custom Room Card?

Currently, it’s not possible because at the time you can only hold a maximum of 100 custom room cards in your I’d that will expire after usage.

Wrapping Up

So readers, here is the post which would be useful to you where you can have custom room cards for free. We hope you would have read the article which is all about Get Free Custom Room Card in Free Fire (100% Working). So be tuned for more such useful content.

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