Garena reveals Free Fire MAX Bermuda Dreams reward schedule (2023)

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One of the leading game – free fire and free fire max became popular in 22 countries just after two months of it’s launch. What do you think about the reason behind this? There are numerous reasons. But if we ask that what is the most loving factor at present time that make your involvement in the game regularly? We can hope that a huge majority of players will say that it gives us a lot of items and events regularly. Is it right? According to us, it’s the perfect reason.

So today’s post is going to be based upon the same update and later we are going to share some important Information about the event that we will keep as head topic in this article. In this article, we are going to talk upon Garena reveals Free Fire MAX Bermuda Dreams’ reward schedule.

What Is Bermuda Dream?

Garena reveals Free Fire MAX Bermuda Dreams' reward schedule

Bermuda Dream is one of the latest launched event I  the game free fire and free fire max. This is not only an event but a grand event that will possess a lot of tasks, prizes, challenges and events. Bermuda Dream celebration was hinted via Garena on 26th of January via a countdown on a floating icon just beneath the friendlist icon.

Bermuda Dream is a celebration that can be compared to the recently held free fire 5th anniversary celebration. Although it’s not that big but we can conclude that many rewards and events has been set for players. Just a day has been passed and the developers had released the schedule along with a challenge event.

The schedule is the head topic for discussion today and below we shall state the while scheduling so that you could know the exact day and reward list for any item. This article is only to make you aware of this event so that you could be active these days in order to claim the free rewards from the game. After this post, we shall share more detailed posts about the events related to Bermuda Dreams. Now let us move forward to have an overview of the Bermuda Dreams Schedule.

Garena reveals Free Fire MAX Bermuda Dreams’ reward schedule

As we have mentioned that Garena has revealed the scheduling for the latest and ongoing grand event celebration – The Bermuda Dreams, we can now have certain details about some of the upcoming events and challenges that will offer the Ayers to win specific rewards. You can find the list of prizes and events below.

Scheduling Of Bermuda Dreams Event

  1. Trendy Trophy – January 27 to January 31
  2. Maid Gone Mayhem Bundle – January 27 to February 9
  3. Cute to Kill – January 31 to February 6
  4. Backpack skin – February 3 to February 7
  5. Flying Pan – February 7 to February 9

Wrapping Up

So guys, here is an informative post that is all about Free Fire MAX Bermuda Dreams’ reward schedule. Hopefully you all would have loved this article. In this article, we have stated all the details along with the list of rewards and date on which you can claim the rewards, hence get ready for this celebration and keep checking our posts daily to be updated about free fire and free fire max.

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