Free Fire OB39 Advance Server Apk Download: Expected Release Date and How to register, CHECK DETAILS

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Free Fire OB39 Advance Server Apk Download: World’s most popular battle royal game Free Fire, is running over the 38th patch update or OB38 patch server. Until now, the official patch update had been provided 38 times and still counting. It means, an upgrade to this version will surely be out, and here’s a well-explained post about the same upgrade or the next update of Free Fire. So in this post today, we are going to share an article on Free Fire OB39 update expected release date, Advance Server registration, and more details. Checkout: Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?

What is an OB update in Free Fire?

Free fire basically runs on the environment that lies on servers. Anything in this world needs to get upgraded to boost efficiency. Similarly, the patch under free fire needs to be upgraded regularly so that players could get new items regularly and they would love playing over a new theme.

The introduction of new things in free fire is the main cause to bring out patch updates after every two months. This is done because players should maintain the game without getting bored. This is a strategy to keep stats activated over a large duration.

Every OB update in Free Fire brings out the major changes in the game, in fact, some of the new items are purposely gets added and the two conditions are often followed by the developers that conclude the introduction of a new weapon, character, and pet. All these factors cause extreme changes in the game and to maintain such a big upgrade, the developers block the server for 8 hours post which players are able to update the game and enjoy it playing.

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What’s new in the OB39 update?

According to popular data miners KnightClown and Vipclown, a list of five new characters set to be released in the upcoming versions has been leaked.


Free Fire OB39 update expected release date

As stated above, the current version of free fire is running over the 38th patch update or over the OB38 patch. And for sure, it will be upgraded, and let us here claim, it will be upgraded to OB39. As per the rules, the same condition applies to the updation. So, the major question here arises When will OB38 release? Well, we are going to answer it below. Checkout: How to Fix Matchmaking Issue in Free Fire 2023

When will OB38 be released in Free Fire?

As per the regulations, the duration between two OB updates is around 2 months, and as per our calculations, the OB39 update will release on March 22, 2023. Guys, it’s hard to guess the date because it depends on the end of certain events, and is set by developers that get unveiled before a few weeks of launch. Hence, The OB39 version of free fire will release on March 22, 2023(Expected), and this date was collected from data miner PureLeaks OFC.

Free Fire OB39 Advance Server apk Download

Free Fire Advance Server (Image via Garena)
Free Fire Advance Server (Image via Garena)

Hence, players must register for the OB39 Advance Server on the official website and get the Activation Code before it officially goes launches. Here’s the guide to downloading the apk file.

Step 1: Visit the official Free Fire Advance Server site first. You can directly visit the official site by clicking here.

Step 2: Now, two options, Facebook and Google will be there for the players to complete the starting phase of registration.

Step 3: The official site will identify the users’ accounts. Now, they will automatically redirect you to the next phase where players have to fill in details such as email id.

Step 4: Press the “Join Now” option to complete the registration successfully.

Step 5: Following the completion of registration, the site will redirect FF players to the download page from where they can access the client as well as the activation codes that are available.

Free Fire OB39 advance Server Registration

So friends, here comes the most important part that is related to any OB update in the free fire. As you know that every OB update has an additional test version of it and the name of that version are The Advance Server. Hence, similar to all other OB updates, this time also OB39 will be released ahead of the launch of the OB38 advanced server.

Now you must be aware of the date and steps to register, so no need to worry because we will post an article about How to register for the OB39 advance server in Free Fire? You need to bookmark our site and add it to the home screen so that you could not miss the post and you would get the activation code on time.

Wrapping Up

So friends here is an article that is all about Free Fire OB38 update expected release date, Advance Server registration, and more details. We hope you would have enjoyed the post, so stay tuned for our next posts.

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