Free Fire Max OB41 Update Date, Leaks, Apk download and More

Free Fire OB41 update is just around the corner, and players are very excited to experience the all new features. Garena has officially announced that the update will go live on August 10, 2023. The OB41 update is currently live in the advance server which is live till 7th August 2023. Both the Normal Free Fire version and the Free Fire MAX version will receive the update simultaneously, ensuring all players can enjoy the latest features without any delay.

Free Fire OB41 Update Features

New Character and Character-Ability Adjustments

One of the most exciting new character additions in the OB41 update is Suzy, who can increase her movement speed and fire rate when she is low on health. This makes her a powerful choice for players who like to play aggressively.

Additionally, Garena has made eight character-ability adjustments, including popular characters like Shani, Skyler, Andrew, Moco, and Antonio.

New updates to the Clash Squad mode

The Clash Squad mode has been updated with new features, such as a new map and a new weapon. The new map is called “Factory,” and it is set in a chemical plant. The new weapon is called the “Nano Vest,” and it provides more protection than the standard vest.

Changes to the Peak map

The Peak map has been changed to make it more challenging. The map has been made larger, and there are now more obstacles to navigate. This makes it more difficult for players to find each other, and it also makes the game more strategic.

Changes to the Hangar and Factory locations

The Hangar and Factory locations have been changed to make them more interesting. The Hangar has been turned into a military base, and the Factory has been turned into a chemical plant. These changes make these locations more dangerous, but they also make them more rewarding to explore.

The OB41 update also includes a new nano vest, which provides more protection than the standard vest. This makes it a valuable asset for players who want to stay alive longer in battle. In addition to the new features, the OB41 update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. This means that players can expect a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

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