Free Fire Max OB37 Update in November 2022: date and what are the changes in the OB37 version

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Free Fire Max OB37 Update: Free fire max is one of the most loved game in the genre of battle royale. Who does not love it? For the same response, the developers introduce many rewards for the players. They organize useful events and activities for the players. After a certain period they wisely launch a patch update that almost changes the game presence. Most of the players keep waiting for the patch update. And here is the post for all those who are eagerly waiting for the same.

In this post, we are going to share a whole pit details about the Free Fire Max Update in November 2022: date and what are the changes in the OB37 version. To know all the details, just don’t miss any part of this post. We will try to share every basic details that will seem you informative. Let’s begin.

When is the next patch update of free fire?

The next patch update in free fire is in the month of November. According to the data stated by the officials of free fire application, the next patch update in free fire is all set to launch on 16th of November 2022. So, here we can conclude that the OB 37 update of free fire max will come under existence on 16th of November.

Now we shall state all the features of this OB37 update in sequential way.

What are the changes in the OB37 version?

As usual, there are a lot of changes made in the OB37 update of free fire. The OB37 update will be launched on 16th of November. But before the launch, all the details have been accessed through the advance server as well as the official free fire application. We will try to cover it and state the most common features along with the details. So let’s have a look further to know the details about what are the changes in the OB37 version.

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1. Zombie hunt mode

OB37 UPDATE: Zombie hunt mode

A latest leak is coming out that the OB37 will have an insane zombie mode. In this mode players will have to kill zombies to score. You can go through the screenshot for more details.

2. New weapon

OB37 UPDATE: New weapon

As everyone is aware that every patch update brings out a new character and new weapon. This time the details of the weapon is highlighted. The weapon is represented as the most powerful shotgun ever. What is it? Well, the new weapon is named as Trogon. This is a dual mode gun which allots user to fire bullets as well as grenades thus making it a grenade launcher and a shotgun.

3. New item

Portable human launcher is the new item in the game. This is the launcher where players could travel over a long distance easily, just by attaching the character to the new item and using it. Players will get 4 chances to use it in a single match.

4. Character upgrade system

Character upgrade system

Now there will be a calm procedure to upgrade character level and unlock character slots as both are going to be cheaper than they are. From the OB37 update, players could easily upgrade a character and unlock skill slots within a few amount coins or diamonds.

5. Loadout in Clash Squad

Loadout in Clash Squad

This is the most interesting update as the developers had now announced that we can carry the loadouts in the clash squad mode too. Yes, it’s the same loadout that we prefer before playing a Battle Royale mode. So it’s one of the coolest update ever.


So this post was all about Free Fire Max Update OB37 in November 2022: date and what are the changes in the OB37 version. We hope everything is clear to you and we were easily able to explain all the details. Kindly be with us for latest information about Free Fire.

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