Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event: Hello friends, and welcome to the post where we are going to share update about free fire. This is all new update and you should must read it because you may loose an exclusive reward that is all set for you. So friends, in this post, we will share all the details about the update and we will also share the methods that would be related to the update. So be with us till last and enjoy this article.

There are various pre-planning that get released at a particular point of time. These may be any event or program in free fire. So friends, similarly a new event has been introduced to us and in this article we are going to elaborate all the details about it along with the steps to perform to achieve rewards that is present under the event. Let us explore the post to have all the details without missing any second further.

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

The new event is named as Goal or Troll event. This event is based on a football game and you have to make goals to earn points after which these points can be used to obtain various items. You can refer to the images delivered through this post and have an idea about it. Although we would state all the methods about how to complete the missions of this event but you need to login daily to the game and complete the daily challenges. Now here’s is the guide for Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event.

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

Step 1: Login to the game

Step 2: Go to events section > Football Fable > Goal or Troll

Step 3: Here you can click on Go To icon to directly go unde the web event.

After you enter the event, you will see a game to play, tap on start

Step 4: After you enter the event, you will see a game to play, tap on start

Goal or troll event start

Step 5: After you start, aim the football at any point to make a goal and for this you will get 3 free chances

Goal or troll event playing

Step 6: Make the maximum amount of goals and achieve the more score, the more goal, the more score

Goal or troll event after goal

Step 7: Now you will reach to the event interface

Step 8: Here you can see a lot of daily tasks to complete and earn chances to make goals

Step 9: Complete daily missions by playing several modes in free fire

Step 10: Repeat the similar process to collect token and play games then earn points

Step 11: Here you can see that, at certain threshold of score, various items are placed

Step 12: You will have to collect a maximum score of 4000 to unlock all the rewards and off-course these are free.

So friends here are the instructions to the new event Goa or Troll. We hope everything is up to you.

Wrapping Up

In this post, we have stated all the details about Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide. All the information along with the instructions to complete missions and earn rewards are stated in an easy way. We hope you were able to get what we want to state. So please stay connected with us because we keep uploading helpful and useful posts for our free fire audience, hence stay tuned for it.

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