FFWS Event Calendar: Upcoming events, Rewards, missions, highlights, and more

FFWS Event Calendar: Friends, a long time had been passed and there is no such international match from the side of Free Fire. Since the game was banned, no FFWS eSports had been organized and so no such big event had been celebrated. But in this article, we will fade away all your sadness about the condition that is going on with the game free fire. In this post, we will share some of the cool details that are surely going to impress you. Just read the post till last and please don’t skip any part.

FFWS Event Calendar
FFWS Event Calendar

In this post today, we will overview the upcoming international event that will be definitely celebrated in the community of free fire. This event will have a lot of prizes and rewards, so don’t miss out on this post, read this article till last to get an overall update about the game and upcoming news.

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FFWS Event Calendar: Upcoming events, Rewards, missions, highlights, and more

What is FFWS Event in Free Fire?

The FFWS is a term that refers to an eSports tournament over the globe. FFWS stands for Free Fire World Series. This is a globally held tournament specially organized for the players of free fire. Various countries take part in it. The best players from each country represent themselves to show their skills. But the winner could only be a single country and so, each player those who represent themselves for their own country, work hard and tend to be the best out of the rest.

A professional tournament is held like other tournaments in various games. The difference is that FFWS is an eSports and could be played without physical activity.

In this post, we will share all the highlights and updates that are limelight these days. So let’s begin.

FFWS Event Calendar

An event calendar in Free Fire is an overview of the overall activities, rewards and events that is about to take place occasionally under any specific event period. So here we will have some details about the upcoming FFWS event calendar.

Free Fire World Series take place in Bangkok on the 25th and 26th of November 2022 with a prize pool of $2,000,000. The campaign features three parts – Interface Highlights, Missions, and FFWS Tournament.

1. Interface Highlights

An interface highlight is a type of activity referred to by a floating icon on the game’s main interface. It will let enter you an interface where you need to complete various missions to claim a lot of prizes. So the list that is emerging from the event calendar are :

  • The new pet – Arvon
  • Pet skin for Arvin
  • FFWS 2022 Gloo wall skin
  • Diamond/Weapon royale vouchers

Datewise FFWS Interface Highlights are given below:

  • Dragon Awaken ( 17 November to 1 December)
  • Card Collection ( 17 November to 1 December)
  • Peak’N Win ( 21 November to 26 November)
  • Peak Day Login (26 November)

2. Missions

Under this category, players would be able to complete several missions that will be challenging under the event section. In exchange for the completion of these missions, players could win rewards. Those prizes are listed below:

  • Vehicle skin
  • Surfboard skin
  • Backpack skin
  • Pet skin

Datewise FFWS Missions are given below:

  • Kill ( 20 November to 23 November)
  • Travel ( 23 November to 26 November)
  • Play ( 25 November to 27 November)
  • Help up ( 28 November to 1 December)

3. FFWS Tournament

These were prizes and events. Now we will know about the tournament.

  • Play-Ins ( 25 November)
  • Finals (26 December)

The play INS would be held on the 25th of November while the final would be played on the 26th of November.


So friends, here was an article all about FFWS Event Calendar: Upcoming events, Rewards, missions, highlights, and more. We hope we were able to explain every detail. Please stay tuned for more updates about free fire.

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