7 best Free Fire MAX characters to use in Clash Squad mode after OB37 update

7 best Free Fire MAX characters to use in Clash Squad mode after OB37 update: Hello readers, and we welcome to today’s post. In this post today, we are going to share some fantastic tips that we have analyzed after the launch of the OB37 update in Free Fire. You must be knowing that it’s been only 12 days since the launch of the OB37 update in free fire and the same version will run till last of the year 2022. So we are going to state whatever we found under the current version of free fire. Hence be ready to enjoy this post that will make your day as we have gathered the information from the experts of free fire and who have already used it.

Free Fire MAX OB37

You must be aware with the thing that free fire includes numerous characters. All these characters are special in away. Each character except Nulla and Primis possesses some special ability. These abilities let players gain various skills over enemies. There are varieties of option that is related to the skills of characters. There are more than 50 characters in free fire and free fire max. And more than 50 characters in a free fire have some special ability indeed to perform various activities.

All these characters are useful when players use them u der gameplay. The Clash Squad mode in free fire is much more popular, and players like to play. So friends, have you ever thought of the best character that is useful to be used under CS mode in the free fire? Here’s the list.

7 best Free Fire MAX characters to use in Clash Squad mode after the OB37 update

1. J. Biebs

J. Biebs

Inspired by Justin Bieber and present after the 5th anniversary of the free fire, this character is one of the best choices to use in Clash Squad Mode the free fire. This character helps the user to sustain HP using EP by 15% maximum. This is a passive skill that helps a lot.

2. Tatsuya


Released u der OB36 update of free fire, Tatsuya can be a wise choice to use in Clash Squad Mode. It best suits the players who are rushers while playing. You can use its active skill twice in under 2 minutes to boost your movement speed for 0.3 seconds.

3. Steffie


Another character that is useful in the Clash Squad Mode in free fire is Steffie. Steffie is a female character and is helpful after she got upgraded after the OB37 update. You can use it as an active skill character that forms a ring that blocks explosives by 100% and bullet damage by 20%. The cooldown is 60 seconds that lasts for 15 seconds.

4. Iris


Available under a top-up event, Iris is one of the best active skill characters. If you use it, you have the ability to harm enemies behind gloo walls, just similar to that of M82B. Maximum for 10 seconds you can do this, and it will be reset after 55 seconds.

5. Luna


She is a recently launched character with a passive skill that provides the user an increase in fire rate of 8%. After a user fires at the enemy and tries to escape then, the fire rate boosted will be transformed into an increased sprint rate of 15%.

6. Skyler


Who are not aware of Skyler, it is the best character that is Sid to be an all-rounder. It has an active skill that rolls down after a few seconds less than 1 minute. When a user presses the active skill button, a sonic wave is generated and moves ahead of the aimed direction to destroy gloo walls. And it also provides users with some HP after user deploy a gloo wall.

7. Wukong

I can’t imagine Clash Squad Mode without Wukong character because it is the most loved character with an active skill that is useful in converting the bush when you want. The cooldown is very long but it gets reset when you knock any player.

Wrapping Up

So friends, here was an analyzed post about the 7 best Free Fire MAX characters to use in Clash Squad mode after the OB37 update. We have stated everything that is related to it. We hope it would be useful to you. So please stay connected with us to never miss any helpful tips related to free fire and free fire max.

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