5 Best Loot Spots In Bermuda Map In Free Fire

Hello friends, we welcome you to today’s post. In this post today, we are going to share some tips and tricks about free fire gameplay that would surely enhance the strategy as the way you play the game. Be till last of this post and we shall share much useful information, keep reading and enjoy the post.

Today’s post is going to be based upon 5 Best Loot Spots In Bermuda Map In Free Fire. We shall share the experience from our team who are experienced in the battle royale games and most probably the free fire. Let’s get started.

5 Best Loot Spots In Bermuda Map In Free Fire

5 Best Loot Spots In Bermuda Map In Free Fire

Free fire offers a high end attributed gameplay to us. It contains a large quantity of assets and the maps are one among them. Until now, there has been several maps published in the game. Out through all maps, the one map which is loved by many players is The Bermuda Map.

Players usually want to play the BR ranked mode over the Bermuda Map as it is one of the oldest and default map in free fire. To play over this map, certain strategy is required that players fail to develop. One among these strategies is the landing spot. Players does not get where to land actually in free fire for excellent loots, hence today we are going to share 5 Best Loot Spots In Bermuda Map In Free Fire.

1. Bullseye


Bullseye is one of the best place to have excellent loots. You can get everything here whether the region gets under blue zone or not. A large collection of tokens and weapons can be found here along with complete attachments.

It has a widespread field where you can find a lot of loots and related items.

2. Graveyard


Graveyard is another high tier loot area because of it’s widespread area. A lot of grave houses are made where you can easily find weapons and attachments. You can also find upgraded weapons here which could be determined for rapid fighting.
A vending machine is also present at this spots making it easy to have additional loots like gloo walls, super medi kits and upgrade chips.

3. Observatory

The third area is observatory. Although the area is small but there are 3 different buildings where the loots are present in high quantity. You can even get a silencer here without the blue zone appearance.

Although close to graveyard, you can find a vending machine at this spots too for additionally loots, so you can consider landing here.

4. Shipyard

A large spreaded area that is located beside Bullseye where you can find everything that is required for survival, defence and attack. A vending machine is also available in the shipyard so you could easily upgrade your weapons here.

You can find two launch pads here that makes it easy to loot and reach to any far point of the map.

5. Sentosa


The very unique place over the map that is situated across the river guarantee you to have the best loot peacefully. This area is the largest one in the map and there are a lot of houses and buildings where you could hid yourself for survival. This place should must be considered by everyone for landing for having the excellent loots.


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