3 Secrete Share Market Strategies that keep your money safe

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Share market is a name that can make a person rich or poor. Share market, with the help of which millions of people became millionaires in a very short time. So are some people like that.

People who had to suffer a lot due to the share market. And these are the people who are still spreading this rumor that the share market is like a gamble. Or is it just a gamble?

You will get to see many such people in India today. Those who think of the share market as a gamble. People who find this market a gamble. But at the same place, this question should be asked to those people.

Share Market Strategies

People who have earned a lot of money from this market. So they have a different opinion. Those people believe that the share market is not gambling. Rather it is a very good way to earn money by investing. In such a situation, new investors always feel that it is a gamble.

This is the reason that there are many such people in India even today. Those who do not want to invest their money in the share market. Today’s post is for those people who consider the share market to be a gamble.

Today we are going to answer your question in detail. Is the share market a gamble? It’s very simple logic. Not only the share market. You can invest your money in any field in the world. Or start a business. So there is only one common result in all.

That’s what we call failure. This means that these are those people who have invested their money anywhere without thinking. And they live in this wrong family that the money becomes double overnight.

And we also earn a lot of profit. But believe me, nothing like this happens. That money sinks after some time. What these people call gambling. Now you tell me you are gambling yourself and doing a bad share market.

Without research, without a strategy, those people trap their money in any stock. Which runs on luck and in most cases it has been seen that the money of the people is completely drowned.

The whole story revolves around this. It is absolutely true that the share market is not a gamble. Yes, this is definitely a gamble for those people who throw their money into any stock without thinking.

Top 3 Share Market Strategies

1. Research About Share

Friends, before buying any stock. Once you do good research about it. This research process is not only for the share market but whenever you invest your money in any place.

So first of all, once you must know about that particular thing. It has many benefits. One, you get to know very well about the past of that thing.

Secondly, you are also saved from getting scammed by this. Because in today’s time lakhs of frauds are happening. People make the same mistake without thinking and trusting that particular thing.

And gets stuck. But we don’t have to do that. Whenever you go to the share market or any field. So first of all get to know about that thing very well. There is a proverb on this as well. incomplete knowledge is very dangerous.

2. Analysis Trend

Now know about that particular share of yours. Did good research too. You have done everything. But did not understand the trend of his market. So your money can be lost.

Share market is of fluctuating nature. Sometimes up and sometimes down. And we know this from the demand and supply of the market. For example, we take the phone of NOKIA.

When people did not use the Internet much. Or it can also be said when the internet facility was not available with the people. So we used to see a lot of simple mobiles of NOKIA.

But as soon as the reach of the internet started reaching the people. So the Android version in the market, which we also call smart phone. It was launched.

But a big company like NOKIA did not think about the upcoming trend or future. And you can see its result today. I don’t even need to tell. That’s why it’s important to be in trend.

3. Don’t Invest in Cheap Share

I am telling you one thing from my personal experience. Because I have been investing in share market for a long time and I have earned very good profit from here.

And I have learned one thing from my experience. The shares are very cheap. They didn’t exist. It’s an absolutely true thing. These stocks sink very quickly.

And they don’t make that much profit. Rather it is a loss. So I will recommend you personally. If you really want to earn money in the share market. So you will have to walk here in total.

One mistake of yours can ruin your entire money. That’s why you choose a stock that has a good reputation in the market. who has a chance to grow in the future?

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